Expert Support Services

Offered as an optional addition to Enhesa’s Compliance Intelligence and Regulatory Forecaster services, the Enhesa Expert Support Services are delivered through in-house resources and an approved partner network. These services provide additional rollout/implementation, training, compliance management, and compliance verification support to enhance your global EHS compliance programs at the corporate, regional and site levels.

Expert Support Service Options:

  • Client Services Training & Support – Receive training and support on the use of Enhesa's services from our dedicated Client Services team.
  • Enhesa Regulatory Support – An EHS regulatory “helpline”; the Enhesa Regulatory Support service will give you answers to specific, detailed, technical questions regarding EHS laws in the jurisdictions you contract.
  • Applicability Screening Assistance Enhesa will help you determine the regulations and requirements applicable to your facilities, allowing you to create and maintain your legal register.
  • Regulatory Risk Gap Assessments Enhesa experts are available, on-site, to help your facilities determine applicable requirements and provide an overview of key compliance priorities.
  • EHS Regulatory Compliance Verification As a step-up from the Regulatory Risk Gap Assessment, Enhesa’s global network of auditors can also assist you in determining the regulatory compliance for each applicable requirement at any of your facilities.
  • Regulatory Subject-Matter Training Enhesa experts are available to provide corporate, regional/divisional, or country-level insight and advice on EHS regulatory issues of concern.
  • Forecaster Review Calls As an add-on to the Enhesa Regulatory Forecaster Service, we offer monthly and quarterly conference calls with our Regulatory Analysts and your team to review and discuss the most relevant EHS regulatory developments.
  • Product Stewardship Services Enhesa's Product Stewardship Services offers a range of different solutions to help you ensure that the products you put on the market comply with applicable requirements.