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Stay ahead of the dynamic chemical management agenda with independent intelligence and insights for product safety professionals managing chemicals.

Create safer products. Stay ahead of the chemical management agenda

Chemical Watch helps you transform product safety with award winning news and insight. Their in-depth knowledge and direct access to a network of industry and regulatory experts help you unlock the full value of regulatory compliance within your business.

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Benefits of Chemical Watch


Independent and impartial 

Unbiased journalistic approach provides impartial global news and analysis to inform product safety. 


The complete picture

Journalists, researchers and analysts bring a 360-degree view of chemical safety insights and market perspectives.


Valued network of experts

A unique community of experts and thought leaders address key trends and issues from across the globe.

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Transform your product and operational compliance management

Chemical Watch was acquired by Enhesa in 2020. Together, we help you move compliance up the corporate agenda and transform your sustainability journey. Managing compliance in a multinational organization requires a multi-level and collaborative approach across divisions and corporate functions. Together, we help you identify, understand, meet and anticipate the widest range of your product safety and EHS operational compliance needs across your global organization.

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