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Compliance is complicated — especially with regulations rapidly increasing and changing worldwide. We break it down into suitable topic areas to make it a little easier. 

With more than 30 years of working with global enterprises on compliance and regulations, we understand the main challenges companies face. Managing compliance in multinational organizations demands a multi-level approach. 

It means juggling diverse local regulations across different jurisdictions while maintaining consistency and collaboration through corporate oversight. Our extensive regulatory support covers a comprehensive range of compliance requirements – factoring in different business types, industries, jurisdictions, activities, and much more. 

Keep track of ever-increasing EHS regulations everywhere you operate


Compliance confidence

Eliminate blind spots to ensure alignment with all applicable EHS laws, in every location through the industry’s widest, most inclusive worldwide regulatory coverage. 


Company-wide awareness and adoption

Equip teams with key knowledge and clear guidance on EHS requirements specific to each location, leveraging local expertise in over 300 jurisdictions. 


Global oversight

Gain corporate oversight with a centralized, standardized bird’s eye view of compliance in your business. 


Avoid fines and violations

Uncover the hidden cost of non-compliance from unforeseen and misunderstood regulatory changes through easy-to-understand analysis of evolving EHS issues. 

Explore our regulatory topics

Our services encompass the exact regulatory content that applies to your operations, delivered in a standardized taxonomy so you can easily keep track of it. 

Our standard regulatory subject topics organize all content across all areas and jurisdictions in the same way, meaning you can measure compliance with metrics that correlate across your entire business. 

Select any of the regulatory topics below to learn more.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Air Emissions Regulations

Air emissions limits, tracking, and reporting for (non-)stationary sources, climate change and renewable energy, ambient/ light/ noise/ odor emissions, and environmental radiation emissions.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Chemicals Management

Classification and risk assessments of chemicals, chemical packaging and labeling, use and import/export restrictions, persistent organic pollutants, safety data sheets, and ozone depleting substances.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Emergency Preparedness

Fire prevention, evacuation, firefighting, accidental releases, major industrial accidents, and process safety.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

General environment

Permits and licenses, corporate reporting, environmental taxes and fees, closure of sites, soil and groundwater contamination and remediation.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Hazardous Materials Management

Hazardous materials storage and handling (incl. ASTs, USTs, compressed gases), transport of dangerous goods by road, air, rail, marine, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Occupational Health

Occupational exposure limits, medical surveillance and first aid, accident/illness investigation, recordkeeping, and reporting, general workplace requirements, workplace stress and violence, and ergonomics.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Safety Management

General duty of care, OHS Experts and H&S Committees, risk assessments and action plans, H&S training and signage, protected classes of employees, onsite contractors, and construction activities.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Facility / technical safety

Machinery and work equipment, hazardous activities, confined spaces, hot work, working at heights, material lifting and handling equipment, PPE, and driver safety.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Waste Management

Solid and hazardous waste labeling, packaging, and storage, national and international waste shipments, and general waste storage, transport, and disposal.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Water Management

Water abstraction and use, waste- and stormwater discharges, recordkeeping and reporting, drinking water protection, spill prevention control and countermeasures.

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