Beatriz García Fernández-Viagas

Regional Expert – European Union

Beatriz Garcia Fernandez

Beatriz García Fernández-Viagas has been with Enhesa since 2018. She holds a Spanish Law degree from the University of Seville and a Master’s in EU Law from the Catholic University of Louvain. And she now supports the team as Regional Expert for the EU.

By assisting companies in complying with their EHS obligations, Beatriz helps them prevent work-related incidents and illnesses, reduce their adverse environmental impact and avoid harmful environmental releases.

Beatriz enjoys working with a diverse set of passionate and incredibly friendly young professionals from across the globe. She is grateful to have the opportunity to learn new things every day related to the rapidly growing legal field of EHS compliance.

The two EHS topics she is most passionate about include air emissions management and occupational health and safety. She has published several articles and thought leadership content on these topics within Enhesa’s content library.

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future, Beatriz responded by saying “Just as the whole planet, all industries and businesses are threatened by the effects of climate change and will have to radically shift their processes and operations in order to reduce their negative impact on the environment and human health – as well as to comply with the further obligations and restrictions that are being adopted by all countries.”

Beatriz believes that her work at Enhesa, and the work of her peers, is helping prepare industries and businesses across the world for that future, which may not be very far out from where things stand today.

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