Yangyang Geng

Regional Expert – China


Yangyang Geng has been with Enhesa since 2020. She holds a Master of Arts in International Studies, with a concentration on International Law, and a Bachelor of Arts. She was awarded a Certificate in ESG Investing issued by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and currently supports the team as the Regional Expert for China. 

By providing timely and high-quality EHS compliance intelligence and ad-hoc support to companies, she helps them to catch up with and understand the fast-changing EHS regulatory landscape in China, which is essential for achieving EHS compliance, mitigating operational risks and ensuring business continuity in China.  

Yangyang enjoys working in Enhesa as a company that aims to help create a better world and a more sustainable future as it gives meaning to her work. She also loves the corporate culture which encourages continuous professional training and growth. 

The two EHS topics she is most passionate about are environmental issues in general, climate change, and ESG. 

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future, Yangyang responded, “Companies can expect an increasingly tight regulatory environment on EHS and sustainability issues in China, driven by several factors such as the authority’s unwavering pursuit of a better ecological environment, carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, and a safer society (including workplaces) as a whole.”  

Yangyang believes that her work at Enhesa and the work of her peers will deliver the professional support companies need to be better positioned to meet EHS and ESG challenges and stay ahead of regulatory changes. 

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