Lauren Payne

EHS Regulatory Consultant – United States and Canada


Lauren Payne has been with Enhesa since 2019. She holds a law degree and graduated as part of the Order of Barristers. She now proudly supports the team as Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant for the US and Canada.

By assisting companies in complying with their EHS obligations, Lauren helps them prevent work-related incidents and illnesses, reduce their adverse environmental impact and avoid harmful environmental releases.

Lauren enjoys working with a diverse set of passionate and incredibly friendly young professionals from across the globe. She is grateful to have the opportunity to learn new things daily related to the rapidly growing legal field of EHS compliance.

The EHS topic she is most passionate about is providing legal expertise in the field, especially relating to chemicals management. She has published several articles and thought leadership content on these topics within the Enhesa’s content library. She has also been in a few short videos and helped present at a webinar for a client.

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future, Lauren said, “I would like to continue my focus on chemicals at Enhesa and continue to gain expertise in the area.”

Lauren believes that her work at Enhesa and the work of her peers is helping provide legal expertise in the field, especially relating to chemicals management, in an easy-to-understand way. She firmly believes that this work not only helps clients but impacts all their workers to keep them safe. Worker safety also goes beyond the job site, as it helps keep family and friends healthy and safe. Living in West Virginia for several years showed her how a family member suffering from health issues due to their work (i.e., coal mining) can significantly impact them, their family, and the local community.

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