Jillian Stacy

Business Manager for Sustainable Chemistry


Jillian Stacy has been with the Enhesa team since 2014, and now leads Enhesa’s Sustainable Chemistry business unit. Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry focuses on helping companies make safer, more sustainable chemical choices for their products and processes. As Sustainable Chemistry’s Business Manager, Jill is responsible for leading Enhesa’s post-acquisition integration of SciveraLENS and ToxPlanet in order to grow these offerings. A strategically focused, commercially-driven team builder, Jill has a strong legal background in EHS and ESG services in a wide range of sectors including chemical manufacturing, technology, pharma, and retail, among others.

Jill graduated with a JD and MELP from Vermont Law School. Jill’s dual background has been of great value to Enhesa, where she started as an EHS Regulatory Consultant. In her last role as Head of Global Expert Services, Jill managed Enhesa OPS team of implementation experts. The team worked with Enhesa clients to ensure they were getting the most out of their Enhesa partnership, focusing on effective and efficient use of the Enhesa content and tools.

Now, with her work in Sustainable Chemistry, Jill is leveraging her leadership skills and environmental background to merge the SciveraLENS and ToxPlanet teams under the Sustainable Chemistry business unit and offer companies well-rounded solutions for their chemicals management.

“Using our content and tools, we enable clients to proactively avoid chemicals of concern in their products and processes by learning what they are currently receiving from suppliers, understanding potential hazards with those chemicals, and designing out problematic substances from the beginning of R&D. Building out processes like this will save companies time and money, and also bring safer products to end users and our environment.”

When asked about the future of Sustainable Chemistry, Jill said that she is looking forward to helping clients take a greener, more future-focused approach to their chemicals management.

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