Sunita Paudyal

Expert Services Manager


Sunita Paudyal has been with Enhesa since 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and two Master’s degrees in sustainable development, environmental expertise, and treatment. She now supports the team as the Expert Services Manager.

By helping companies, big and small, proactively comply with their EHS obligations and be prepared for coming regulatory changes, Sunita feels she is aiding in realizing a sustainable future and minimizing the potential environmental damage these companies might otherwise cause.

Sunita enjoys the direct impact her role has on our clients. As an Expert Services Manager, she helps our clients navigate and comply with all relevant laws and regulatory requirements effectively, which in turn helps them run their businesses smoothly. In this capacity, she contributes to eliminating or minimizing their potential negative impacts on the planet and people, contributing towards a more sustainable future.

The two EHS topics she is most passionate about climate change and transparency in social investment.

When asked about her hopes and vision for the future, Sunita responded, “I am hoping that workplace safety, environmental health, and the welfare of people become integral parts of how industries function where companies can thrive without jeopardizing the wellbeing of people or the environment. I feel that no agenda that endangers the health and future of life as we know it should be put on the back burner for any reason.”

Sunita believes that her work at Enhesa and the work of her peers is helping clients with the rollout and adoption of Enhesa services and content, providing them with regulatory support on the content, and assisting them on specific EHS/sustainability projects.

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