Evolving our sustainable chemistry solutions

Learn more about our new suite of solutions from Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry, designed to align with the challenges our customers face today. 


by Ben Preater

As entrepreneur and business strategist Seth Godin once put it: 

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” 

At Enhesa, this ethos is one we take seriously. Our products are, fundamentally, solutions to problems that our customers have and the measure of our success is how effectively we are able to support our customers with the pressing challenges they face each day.  

It’s with this in mind that we’ve been evolving our solutions at Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry. We’ve been continually touching base with our key customers to understand what their challenges are, how they’re using our solutions, and what they’d like to see. 

We’ve taken this feedback on board, building on our existing solutions to create a suite of highly focused offerings within our SciveraLENS(TM) and ToxPlanet platforms.

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.

Seth Godin

Our new sustainable chemistry offerings

Each of our six solutions address needs customers tell us they are struggling with.

1. Chemical Assess

Chemical Assess gives our customers visibility of the impacts of the chemicals they use through efficient, accessible list screening and hazard assessments. That means they can identify problematic chemicals, compare alternatives, back sustainability claims, and address potential hazards proactively rather than having to carry out costly reformulations in response to regulatory change. 

2. Supply Chain Connect

Supply Chain Connect helps our customers work with their supply chain partners to better understand the chemicals being used or considered in their products and processes. This empowers them to make informed sourcing and product development decisions, be confident in their claims, and achieve safer chemical formulations, while enjoying a better relationship with suppliers. 

3. Innovate

Innovate combines the benefits of Assess and Connect in one package. This helps our customers streamline their R&D process, embedding safer decisions from the start and reducing the risk of reformulations or market access issues down the road, by making it simple to screen and compare chemical alternatives. 

4. Chemical Research

Chemical Research empowers our customers to carry out their own research on the chemicals they use with a single, authoritative source of toxicological and hazard information, granting access to more than 112 million documents on demand. 

5. Certification Services

Certification Services helps our upstream customers demonstrate the chemical safety of their products to buyers. Customers can prepare for certain certification and scoring programs targeted at key sectors while getting visibility of their predicted scores and any changing assessments that may impact their certification status. 

6. Respond

Respond gives suppliers the tools they need to confidently answer customer requests for information while protecting their intellectual property. It also offers the option to expand their view and preview assessments based on customer requirements. 

chemist with test tube

Why this matters for our customers

In short, our new focused solutions are specifically designed to answer the most pressing challenges our sustainable chemistry customers are facing today. We’ve developed them based on extensive customer feedback, focusing on how they work and key considerations. The result is a series of solutions informed by a keen understanding of what truly matters to our clients. 

Our evolved solutions are highly modular, allowing our customers to build a package that’s tailored to their unique requirements and pressures, ultimately giving them more of what they need and less of what they don’t. 

This is only the start of the journey. We’re continually reviewing and updating our solutions across Enhesa to ensure they’re aligned with what clients need, while reflecting the ever-changing landscape of compliance and sustainability.  

Want to discuss a solution?

If you’d like to help us understand your challenges or you are curious to know more about any of these solutions, we’d love to hear from you. 

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