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Product Regulatory Compliance

Product Compliance

Enhesa’s Product Regulatory Forecaster service allows our clients to anticipate emerging environmental, health and safety regulatory issues and assure their products are compliant worldwide.

Enhesa covers all EHS developments applicable to the electronics industry around the world. This includes all consumer electronics and their components, batteries and packaging.

Enhesa tracks chemical thresholds and restrictions in the majority of products. Our experts report on all chemical management requirements necessary for placing chemicals and other products on the market globally.

You will receive:

  • Tailored Regulatory Reports
  • Detailed analysis of relevant product developments as they emerge
  • A list of all EHS laws applicable to your products
  • Links to legal texts in the original language

The Product Regulatory Forecaster services can be combined with a wide range of our Expert Support Services, such as Enhesa Regulatory Support, Forecaster Review Calls, Subject-Matter Trainings and customized Product Stewardship Solutions.

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