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Product compliance forecaster

Monitoring is only the beginning. Go beyond regulation watching with the keys to preparing your business for real-world impact. Anticipate risk with an extensive view and expert insights into product compliance regulations coming down the pipeline.

Stay on top of regulations – in one standardized product compliance dashboard

Our Product Compliance Forecaster service monitors the regulatory landscape for you, providing an AI-powered index of global and local product stewardship issues coupled with advanced expert analysis – all tailored to your business and delivered directly to you.

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Comprehensive coverage

Fully comply with the full regulatory scope with an up-to-date, inclusive index of laws, proposals and policies.


Consolidated summaries

Understand emerging regulations with clear, comprehensible explanations from our in-house team of experts.


Monthly email alerts

Stay up to date on up-and-coming issues with notifications on your chosen jurisdictions, topics and themes.


Expert insights on business impact

Identify next steps with detailed analysis tailored to your company and compliance needs.


Easy issue management

Assign reports within your team and manage follow-up actions in one streamlined dashboard.


On-call support

Get the most from your forecasts with free tool training and support.

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In-depth product compliance forecasts, focused on your industry

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Product Compliance Base: Chemicals

As the primary foundation of our Product Compliance Forecaster, the Chemicals base enables you to track all chemical thresholds, restrictions and other management requirements for placing your products on the market globally. Stay on top of the full scope of chemical obligations, including classification and labeling, registrations, authorizations, packaging, safety data sheets, import/export restrictions and anti-poison center notifications.

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Electronics Add-on

Expand your view of pending regulations and potential risk through the additional Electronics forecaster service. Manage electronics compliance developments around the world, including those for components, batteries, and packaging – such as electromagnetic compatibility, explosion protection, electrical safety, safety standards and product testing and hazardous materials transport.

Easy-to-understand product compliance content – In an easy-to-use format

Global outlook

with granular insight

Actionable insights

and expert overviews

Full-scope forecasts

of future issues

Standardized content

streamlined compliance
Manage worldwide compliance in one central view

Avoid costly surprises and damaging violations everywhere you operate, with a complete view of your relevant product compliance issues – in English and linked to original text – from analysts specialized in your regions.

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Know your next steps to continued compliance

Understand compliance obligations and how to address them in your products through detailed, (“delegalized” analysis and applicable requirements, developed by our in-house team of 75+ knowledgeable legal experts.

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Look beyond the legislation narrow view

See potential product compliance issues and impact from every angle, including newly adopted laws, early warning proposals, government policies, legal decisions, guidance documents, jurisprudence and background news.

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Establish consistency to increase collaboration

Keep teams on the same page as you keep an eye on product requirements, supported by standardized reporting options and regulatory content built from our uniform taxonomy – all within a user-friendly dashboard.

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The industry’s most complete product compliance coverage. Tailored, time-saving regulatory guidance you can count on


Covered jurisdictions


In-house legal experts


Local languages

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Ensure compliance from start to end-of-life

Place products on the market unencumbered and secure their position with the keys to compliance at every step of the product life cycle from planning, to production to extended producer responsibility.

Direct access to dedicated expert assistance

Overcome specific product compliance obstacles and uncover the answers to your most-pressing product compliance requirement questions with dedicated, in-depth support – tailored to your company’s specific needs. From regular debriefings calls to customized reports on your desired topics, our optional, add-on Expert Support Services help keep your compliance on target.

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Calculate your estimated ROI from working us and find out how much you can save, while optimizing your goals. Identify and achieve your business’s specific compliance objectives with help from our knowledgeable team who is here to answer your questions, provide clear-cut quotes and give you an inside view into our solutions in one-on-one, no-obligation demos.

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