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Compliance comes down to how you see it. Get a full grasp on your regulatory compliance with a full global view of EHS regulations, product requirements and in-depth local guidance for 300+ jurisdictions.

Worldwide EHS management – that meets your global and local needs

Multi-national means more than having multiple locations. Address the unique EHS requirements of every site while unifying efforts across your entire business with local insights through global oversight.

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North America

Ensuring EHS compliance in the U.S. and Canada involves environmental, health, and safety challenges that go beyond basic regulations. Keep on top of all the key EHS trends and issues, including changing judicial systems, legislative bodies, political climate, as well as federal and state agencies.

Central and South America

Due to increased regulations and more stringent enforcement activities – all with varying EHS views across countries – regulatory compliance has become a pressing issue in Latin America. Stay compliant with – and stay ahead of – changing EHS requirements for each individual jurisdiction.


Europe is one of the most highly regulated regions of the world in terms of EHS legislation, requiring a keen understanding of not only EU regulations but also country specific EHS requirements. Manage this multi-level compliance landscape with regulatory intelligence tailored to each of your EU sites.


New economic growth in Africa has brought the region new opportunities for development – and new EHS concerns. Understand and address regulatory compliance requirements specific to these countries as well as laws requiring transparency about EHS-related activity within them.

Middle East

Concerns over natural resources scarcity, climate change, as well as air and water pollution are driving local authorities to implement sustainable growth policies in their development strategies. Understand how to align your business with this region’s changing EHS standards and management policies.

Asia Pacific

Expansive growth as a manufacturing location as well as a consumer market has given rise to Asia Pacific’s EHS awareness, regulation and enforcement activities – but not in the same way in every area. Ensure constant/stable/relevant/consistent regulatory compliance within this region of varying of cultures, languages and EHS views.