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Enhesa’s range of compliance verification services can help you ensure your EHS regulatory compliance wherever you operate (and whatever your operations) around the world, as well as help you to maintain, manage and improve upon your performance.  A quarter of the Fortune 100 use Enhesa tools and services to ensure compliance with Environment, Health & Safety regulations.

General Environment

Under this heading we cover issues relating to general environmental obligations such as duty of care, permits, environmental taxes and fees, and soil protection. 

Air Emissions

The Air Emissions module covers emissions restrictions, ambient air quality and noise requirements, as well as climate change and energy-related issues. 

Water Management

This module covers all of the main environmental aspects relating to water permits, abstraction and discharge, including storm/rainwater and spill prevention.

Waste Management

This module covers issues related to general waste management (policies, permits, recordkeeping), but also issues related to waste shipments and disposal operations.

Chemicals Management

This module covers all the critical issues surrounding chemicals classification, labeling, packaging and testing (GHS and REACH), as well as marketing restrictions and prohibitions of specific chemicals. This includes coverage of safety data sheets and import/export restrictions.

Hazardous Materials Management

Under “Hazardous Materials Management,” Enhesa covers aspects relating to the storage and handling of hazardous substances (including above and below-ground tanks), the transport of hazardous materials via various methods (ADR, RID, etc), as well as specific hazardous materials that are heavily r

Safety Management

The safety module covers all the legal requirements concerning general health and safety issues that form the basis of all H&S management, such as duty of care, risk assessments, action plans, H&S committees and personnel, training, signage, regulations protecting certain classes of emplo

Technical Safety

The Process Safety module covers all aspects related to technical and facility issues, such as machinery and work equipment, lifting issues, fall protection, safe work with pressure systems, electric and explosive atmospheres, as well as issues relating to PPE and driver safety.

Emergency Preparedness

Our Emergency Preparedness modules covers issues related to fire safety and prevention, evacuation, accidental chemical releases as well as issues relating to the operation of major accident hazard facilities.

Occupational Health

In terms of Occupational Health, the Enhesa module covers all aspects of health surveillance, first aid, illness/accident reporting and recordkeeping as well as issues regarding workplace layout and installation (ergonomics, worker space and comfort).

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