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Get the knowledge and training your team needs to thrive

Through our Chemical Watch Events & Training program we make it easier for your team to upskill and refresh their knowledge. With Professional Development membership, your team can… 


Track industry trends

At our Chemical Watch Events & Training conferences, experts explain the latest developments, so you can be sure you’re always ahead of the ball. 


Learn from thought-leaders

With our network of leading product compliance professionals, you can learn from peers facing the same challenges you are. 


Upskill your team

Our training keeps your knowledge current and gives your team the skills they need to work effectively. 


What you’ll get

Professional Development gives you access to all of Chemical Watch Events & Training’s virtual content. That includes: 

  • Conferences where compliance experts, regulators, and industry figures discuss the product compliance trends that matter today and explore the implications for business. 
  • Training and eLearning, developed by proven experts, that help your team build and refresh their skills in key areas of compliance and chemicals management. 
  • Access to content live and on-demand, so you can learn at your pace and never have to worry about missing an event. 

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