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Custom Projects

Get support from the Enhesa Product Intelligence analyst team with requirements that go beyond our membership offering or specific one-off questions.

Get extra assistance from our team of experts

With Custom Projects, available to members only, our analyst team will work with you on bespoke requirements. Our analysts have a deep understanding of the industry, having worked with a range of companies, industries, and products. You can tap into this resource to get customizable services and training tailored to your specific business needs.

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With Custom Projects your team gets…


Flexible Support

Custom Projects complement our membership offering with extra support in an area of your choice. We can assist with a wide variety of topics and project types.


Technical Excellence

Our team is highly knowledgeable about the chemicals regulatory environment, allowing them to deliver high-quality advice and guidance.


Industry Knowledge

We have been a leader in the chemicals space for over a decade and our analysts have a deep understanding of the commercial and regulatory drivers organizations face.

How we can help

We work with you to enhance your functionality, giving you the practical resources and skills to rely on from a non-biased, and neutral point of view. Draw upon our analysts for bespoke materials, insights, and training in support of ongoing activities and one-off projects including:


Jurisdictional profiles

Applicable to your products detailing all the relevant legal and disclosure requirements, chemical restrictions, and related resources.

Choose a tailored set of countries and products that matter to you, saving you valuable time and ensuring that you have a complete view that you can trust.


Regular news headline monitoring

Helping your team to pick up developments in the topics and jurisdictions in scope.

Quickly pull through all the unfiltered headlines from our web-scraping technology so you can immediately assess it and determine if action is required.

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Support with your learning needs

Including niche skills and training for multiple members of staff.

Our analyst team can work with you on and provide bespoke training courses and materials located at your place of work, externally, or by webinar.

How we’ve helped our clients

We’ve delivered a wide variety of custom projects for our clients. To name just a few:

  • A review of global packaging requirements, outlining requirements relating to environmental concerns for packaging. This included bans and restrictions on single use plastic, extended producer responsibilities, for example takeback and fee payments, recycling markings on products and more.
  • Global research analysis on a variety of topics including restrictions on gasoline contaminants and residues, the use and sale of oil dispersants, and extended producer responsibility for electronic products and batteries and their applications in medical devices.
  • A global labeling relating to lubricants, in which we outlined all labelling requirements across multiple jurisdictions.
  • An analysis of a feasibility study relating to biocidal products.

Thank you for resolving my inquiry, and for doing it so quickly and thoroughly! This is exactly what I needed, and your response exceeded my expectations… I look forward to working with you on any issues in the future!

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Custom projects are available to purchase along with or in addition to Chemical Watch News & Insight, Regulatory Database, or Professional Development membership. We are unfortunately not able to offer custom projects as a stand-alone service. To find out more, please contact your account manager or get in touch using the button below:

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Regulatory Database

Regulatory Review helps your compliance and business teams cut through the noise and get clear direction on where to focus your efforts through an external review, tailored to your products and jurisdictions.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

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Service Accelerator provides your regulatory teams with a tailored and expertly delivered implementation program for Chemical Watch services, ensuring you maximize your return on investment and reduce time to value.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

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