Track all your EPR & E-waste responsibilities in one easy-to-use tool

EPR & E-waste Global Regulatory Comparison 

Identify and compare your EPR and E-waste responsibilities across the globe. Just one of the data tools you can choose as part of Focused Compliance Solution.

Easily monitor your EPR & E-waste requirements

Our bespoke data tool lets you easily keep track of EPR & E-waste requirements across the world through the use of a simple and continuously updated tool. You’ll get detailed, reliable and up-to-date breakdowns of EPR & E-waste requirements by jurisdiction, showing you which regulation applies where, to which products and what’s changed recently.

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What you’ll get…


Visibility of regulatory requirements

See which products are regulated, exemptions, labeling requirements and more. 


A breakdown of the impact of the regulation

With concise summaries written by our team of expert analysts.


Quarterly analyst-led webinars

On key updates and trends as part of Focused Compliance Solution.


An intuitive regulatory comparison table

Quickly identify the applicable regulation and compare between jurisdictions. 


Comprehensive version control

See recent changes at a glance, without searching through large volumes of data. 


10 hours’ analyst helpdesk time

To answer your questions as part of Focused Compliance Solution.

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