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The tools and support your team needs to thrive

Our data tools and expert support make it cheaper and easier to stay compliant. With Focused Compliance Solution, your team gets …


Proven expertise

Our data tools give you all the key information you need on a given topic. Our analysts take the raw data and present it in a useful, accessible format.


Comprehensive support

We’ll provide quarterly analyst-led webinars to keep you ahead of key trends and dedicated helpdesk support to assist with any queries.


Cost-efficient compliance

Together, our tools and analyst support offer a cost-efficient way to manage key compliance issues, with the assurance that you’re fully covered.

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Focused Compliance Solution combines powerful data tools and expert support

Simplify your compliance with support for key topics including GHS, RoHS, upcoming legislation and more. Our powerful data tools help you easily monitor regulation across the world, while our analysts help you get up to speed with the tools and answer your more challenging questions.

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To get 2 weeks’ trial access to Focused Compliance Solution tools, just get in touch using this form. You’ll be able to choose from the following data tools:

  • GHS Global Regulatory Comparison
  • RoHS Global Regulatory Comparison
  • E-waste & EPR Global Regulatory Comparison
  • Cosmetics Global Regulatory Comparison
  • Legislation Tracker