Understand your global GHS classification and labeling requirements

GHS Global Regulatory Comparison

Keep track of GHS implementation and requirements all in one place, in a single user-friendly report. Just one of the data tools you can choose as part of  Focused Compliance Solution.

Easily monitor your GHS requirements

Our bespoke data tool lets you easily keep track of GHS requirements across the world using datasheets, tables, and graphical updates. You’ll get detailed, reliable, up-to-date breakdowns of GHS implementation by jurisdiction, details of the adopted edition, approaches to different types of hazards, advance warning of potential changes and more.

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What you’ll get…


Clarity on which version of GHS applies where

Compare between jurisdictions with our map tool to inform your processes.


An easy way to compare across jurisdictions

Compare physical, health and environmental hazards, as well as product categories.


Quarterly analyst-led webinars

On key updates and trends as part of Focused Compliance Solution.


An overview of GHS regulations and standards

See what’s applicable in each jurisdiction, broken down by topic.


With an advance view of potential changes

So you can plan ahead and avoid disruption and last-minute changes.


10 hours’ analyst helpdesk time

To answer your questions as part of Focused Compliance Solution.

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