Easily track pending regulation across 5 key countries

Legislation Tracker

Keep track of legislation on the state and federal level in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Just one of the data tools you can choose as part of Focused Compliance Solution.

Easily track pending legislation

Our bespoke data tool gives you complete oversight of pending legislation at the federal and state level, with a view of the legislation, its progress through the legislative process and the possible implications for your business. You’ll also find details of legislative sessions and additional live analysis for the USA.

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What you’ll get…


A breakdown of pending legislation

With details of the stage that it’s at and a summary of the content of the regulation and affected sectors.


Graphical tools to make sense of the data

Maps, dashboards and more help you see what’s happening in each jurisdiction at a glance.


Quarterly analyst-led webinars

On key updates and trends as part of Focused Compliance Solution.


Summaries of updates over the past week

That help you quickly and easily see what’s changed and understand where you need to focus.


Extensive additional data for the USA

including state legislative session dates, a dashboard for federal and state regulation and more.


10 hours’ analyst helpdesk time

To answer your questions as part of Focused Compliance Solution.

The United States Capitol building at night with reflection in water.