Easily stay on top of your packaging EPR responsibilities

Packaging EPR Global Regulatory Comparison 

Monitor and compare packaging EPR requirements across jurisdictions. Just one of the data tools you can choose as part of Focused Compliance Solution.

Easily monitor your packaging EPR requirements

Packaging EPR Global Regulatory Comparison gives you the key information you need to manage your packaging EPR compliance.

Regularly updated by our analysts, the tool presents the information in a way that makes it easy to identify, understand and compare the applicable regulations and requirements across multiple jurisdictions.

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What you’ll get…


The key information, all in one place

Get the details you need to stay compliant including scope, labeling, registration, notification, materials, end-of-life management and more.


Clear, consistent formatting

Our analysts break down the information you need in an accessible, consistent way that makes it easy to get to grip with what you need to do.


Up-to-date, reliable intelligence

Our tool is regularly reviewed and updated by our team of experts, meaning you can be sure you’re working with the latest available information.


Intuitive comparison across jurisdictions

Easily compare requirements across jurisdictions and identify synergies to inform your global compliance strategy.


Quarterly analyst-led webinars

On key updates and trends as part of Focused Compliance Solution.


10 hours’ analyst helpdesk time

To answer your questions as part of Focused Compliance Solution.

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