Search functions

Learn how to find what you need faster on our Enhesa Product Intelligence platform with advanced search functions

Hints and tips

Search function: OR

Using the keyword OR will result in content on either x OR y. For example, ‘biocides OR Asia’ will generate results relating to anything to do with biocides or Asia.


Search function: NOT

Using keyword NOT will result in content on x, but NOT any content on x relating to y. For example, ‘biocides NOT Asia’ will generate results concerning biocides, but not about biocides in Asia.


Search function: *

An asterisk * can be used as a ‘wildcard’. This is useful when searching for substances (a search for ‘poly*’ will include substances beginning with poly like polyurethane) and when searching for countries or continents (a search for ‘Eurasia*’ will include ‘Eurasian’ and ‘Eurasia’s’).

Speech Marks

Search function: “_

Using speech marks “___” will result in search results for that exact phrase. For example, searching for “circular economy” will generate content with the exact phrase ‘circular economy’, not just with the words ‘circular’ or ‘economy’.

Advanced Search

Search function: Complex searches

You can also create more complex searches using the ‘nesting’ technique, similar to creating a formula on a spreadsheet. For example, searching ‘(polyethy* AND food) NOT additive’ will generate content relating to anything starting with ‘polyethy’ and food, but won’t pull through content relating to additives within that search.

Other useful search tips

Please note that the search keywords AND, OR and NOT will only work if they are in capital letters.
You can also search for chemical substances, synonyms for chemicals, and CAS numbers.
Once you have created your ideal search, you can also save it as a personalized Lens view.

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