Get visibility of regulated or hazardous chemicals at a glance

Identify potentially problematic chemicals in your products and processes with on-demand screening against more than 500 regulatory and advisory lists.

Quickly identify regulated or hazardous chemicals for further focus

When you’re working with many chemicals across multiple jurisdictions, it can often be hard to know where to focus your compliance and product stewardship efforts. Chemical Assess Lite helps you solve this problem, with rapid list screening against our highly comprehensive library of lists either for individual chemicals or in bulk.

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Your company needs reliable Chemical Hazard Assessments to…


Move towards active chemical management

Identify regulatory or safety risks and take action to address them before they become a problem. 


Know where to focus your attention

Pick out the key chemicals that need monitoring, even if you’re using thousands. 


Reduce the hassle of tracking list changes

Stay on top of regulatory change without the need for hours of desk research 

With Chemical Assess Lite, you’ll get…

Online, on-demand screening that takes seconds rather than weeks

Access to our highly comprehensive selection of regulatory and advisory lists

Flexible screening that works both for individual chemicals and batches of thousands

Results screens and dashboards that make it easy to pick out the key information

Notifications when a change affects your screened chemicals or when we add a list

Advanced filtering and groups that make managing even large collections simple

The perfect complement to your existing Enhesa solutions

We designed Chemical Assess Lite to support the work you’re doing with our other solutions. Simply pick out the chemicals you need to focus on using Chemical Assess Lite then dig deeper with the wide range of data, intelligence, and insight that our other solutions provide. 

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“Recently, we were talking about the number of regulations being overhauled, and it’s a lot. So, if you‘re not on top of your game and being proactive, you‘re going to be left behind.”

Lisa Clerici, Senior Manager Global Restricted Substances Compliance at Under Armour 

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