Save time with SciveraLENS®

Know more about your chemicals in less time with our cloud-based platform and extensive library of chemical hazard information to give you on-demand assessments for 300,000 CAS RNs. That includes more than 4,500+ verified CHAs and the ability to screen against 480+ regulatory and restricted substance lists. With SciveraLENS, you can: 

  • Assess your chemicals in seconds, freeing up time for other tasks 
  • Screen as many substances as you like, and compare them to find the safest option 
  • See at a glance where the hazards are with a clear, standardized dashboard

You are one step away from making safer choices about your chemicals – book your free SciveraLENS demo today!

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With SciveraLENS, you can …


Make safer chemical decisions

Get reliable, on-demand hazard information that helps you identify risks and take action to keep your customers, your workers, and your brand safe. 


Understand hazards in your supply chain

Get visibility of previously hidden risks in the ingredients you source while giving your suppliers the assurance their proprietary information will be protected. 


Make your toxicology process more efficient

Screen for a fraction of the time and cost of carrying out your own assessment. Do more with less and be more responsive to internal and external stakeholders.


Future-proof your business

Rapid regulatory change means passive compliance is no longer enough. Identify hazardous but not yet regulated chemicals to plan ahead and protect your business. 


Ensure market access

Identify hazards from the beginning that might lead to regulatory action or loss of market access down the road. Make strategic decisions, not rushed substitutions. 


Show your commitment to sustainability

Back your sustainability claims with robust, authoritative screening. Reassure your customers of the safety of your products and avoid reputational damage from the unsafe use of chemicals.Show your commitment to sustainability