Managing chemical exposures demands high-quality professional content.

With PoisonEXPERT, users have quick access to vital treatment protocols for chronic and acute exposures to hazardous substances.

PoisonEXPERT provides integrated access to TOXINZ™, a collection of over 4,600 evidence-based medical protocols for the treatment of exposures to hazardous substances. Written by professionals for professionals, TOXINZ is continuously reviewed, expanded, updated in real-time, and fully referenced.

What do PoisonEXPERT records include?

Key decision support information is provided for all substances in PoisonEXPERT.  Typical records contain:

  • Description
  • Intervention Criteria
  • Treatment
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Toxicity
  • Kinetics
  • Identification
  • References

The highly detailed documents provide health professionals critical medical and hazard data needed for immediate and effective response to exposures to hazardous substances. Click here to view a description of all our information sources.

Who uses PoisonEXPERT?

PoisonEXPERT is used by occupational physicians and other health professionals to respond to chronic and acute chemical exposures, prepare emergency response plans, develop medical surveillance programs, and create healthy work settings.

What do you get along with your access to PoisonEXPERT?

Your subscription also includes access to several of our other key information resources:

  • ECIS (Environmental Chemistry Information System) – An exclusive combination of out-of-print databases covering environmental pollutants.
  • ListEXPERT™ – Data on hundreds of thousands of chemicals included on regulatory and advisory lists.
  • TOXLINE® Special – The bibliographic toxicology database from the National Library of Medicine, including information on biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicological effects of drugs and other chemicals.
  • TSCATS Complete™ – A powerful resource providing access to ALL ~29,000 unpublished, non-confidential chemical testing result submissions to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

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