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Our Enhesa Product Intelligence offering helps businesses across the world make safer, more compliant products with intelligence that helps them meet the challenges of the increasingly complex global landscape.

Solutions to your most pressing product compliance challenges

We can provide your team with powerful intelligence, data tools and analyst support. Join the world’s leading organizations with solutions that help you keep pace with regulatory developments, connect with the world’s most influential network of product compliance experts, and optimize your compliance function. 

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Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Chemical Watch News & Insight

Global news and insight to inform your product safety strategy, plus ‘comment & analysis’ digging deeper into the issues, developments, challenges and influencers.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Regulatory Database

Comprehensive structured product compliance data solution providing coverage of product regulations across all jurisdictions, including legal documentation, expert analysis and summaries.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Professional Development

Year-round access for your whole organization to the conferences, training and eLearning program from Chemical Watch Events & Training – live and on demand.

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Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Focused Compliance Solution

Combine powerful data tools with analyst support to simplify your compliance in key areas including GHS, RoHS, upcoming legislation and more.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Expert Support Services

Get direct access to our analyst team when you need it, from helpdesk support for ad-hoc questions to a full review of your compliance function and the regulatory environment.

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Discover the better route to safer, more sustainable products today.

Go further with 360° compliance and sustainability solutions for your business

At Enhesa, we’re committed to giving businesses the tools they need to make safer, more sustainable choices. That’s why we also offer solutions to support your operations, sustainable chemistry and corporate sustainability:

Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry: The fastest way to best understand and choose your chemicals.

Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry helps you move your green chemistry initiatives forward by giving you robust, reliable information about the chemicals you use. Whether through screening for potential hazards, understanding risks in your supply chain, or sourcing toxicological data, we give you the insight you need to protect your customers, your employees, your brand, and the environment. 

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Enhesa EHS Intelligence: Your EHS compliance management partner.

Enhesa EHS Intelligence empowers your business to comply with confidence and protect your communities – in each location, across the globe.

Our extensive knowledge base of EHS and sustainability intelligence in standardized, centralized solutions make it easy to manage and prepare for regulatory developments around the world. All with actionable insights to make it clear how you can ensure safer, more sustainable facilities.

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Enhesa Corporate Sustainability: To achieve stronger, smarter strategy and reporting.

Enhesa Corporate Sustainability helps you to understand the complexities and requirements of sustainability topics relevant to your business. You can create sound and effective internal structures and processes for accurate reporting and business success, and monitor future developments in the sustainability and ESG landscape.

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