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Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

European Green Deal: 8 key policy areas

In this article, we’ll breakdown eight of the Deal’s key policy areas to give you a fundamental understanding of what its goals are and how its policies will drive changes to achieve them.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

How sustainability and ESG reporting are driving sustainable chemistry

From looking beyond carbon footprints and avoiding regrettable solutions, sustainability and ESG reporting are changing chemical companies’ outlook.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Free whitepaper: The Importance of Supply Chain Transparency and Engagement for PFAS Tracing

The PFAS regulatory landscape is growing rapidly, forcing companies to look not just at the chemicals in their products, but their processes as well.

More on chemicals regulations

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

TSCA’s impact on global supply chains

The law is extending its impact beyond the US – North America Managing Editor Kelly Franklin explains why this matters.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Chemical regulations for electricals & electronics

This report contains a curated selection of articles from our Chemical Watch News & Insight team, featuring some of the most important developments for the electronics industry and the most read stories affecting it and other sectors.

Regulatory content and sustainability intelligence

Chemicals in cosmetics and personal care

As more robust legislation for the cosmetics and personal care sector takes shape around the world, Chemical Watch’s team of experts keeps track of changes

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