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Chemical Assess

Make more informed and more confident decisions about the chemicals you’re using with access to our extensive database of summarized, high-quality Chemical Hazard Assessments from our team of toxicologists and instant screening against hundreds of regulatory and advisory lists.

Making safer decisions about chemicals doesn’t have to be so difficult

With Chemical Assess, it’s simple to get the information you need. On-demand screening through our industry leading platform shows you immediately if your chemicals are regulated or restricted and a summarized view helps you understand the impact of your chemicals on humans and the environment so you can identify possible risks, compare chemicals, and take the necessary action to protect your brand, your consumers, and your workers.

Configured views give you the information you need in an intuitive way, empowering your experts and non-technical stakeholders to make more confident decisions.

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Chemical Assess is powered by highly comprehensive database of hazard data

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Verified CHAs


Toxicological endpoints

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Customized screening lists

All researched, developed, and maintained by our in-house team of experts. 

With Chemical Assess, you can…

Make more informed decisions about the chemicals you use

Get a better understanding of the hazard profile of the chemicals in your products and processes, and whether they’re included on regulatory and advisory lists. Confidently make safer decisions, informed by a better view of regulatory, reputational, and other risks. 

Protect your market access by identifying threats

Identify immediate issues by screening your chemicals against regulatory lists and proactively address human and environmental health risks by screening against 23 toxicological endpoints to understand the impact of chemicals even if they aren’t regulated for safer chemical decision. 

Safeguard your reputation and back your sustainability claims

Ensure you’re making smarter decisions that keep you ahead of regulations. Choose safer chemicals not just because they aren’t regulated or restricted but based on their characteristics and safer characteristics for human and environmental health. 

Free up time and resources on your team

Spend less time sourcing and summarizing hazard information and more time acting on it. Assess is more time and cost-effective than alternatives such as consultants or looking at or conducting your own CHAs. 

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Here’s just some of what Chemical Assess gives you

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Flexible screening that suits the needs of your business

Chemical Assess gives you fast, flexible screening for your chemicals, with screening against 23 toxicological endpoints plus lists to get a highly comprehensive view of chemical hazards and regulatory risks. You can input your chemicals of interest using CAS RNs and choose to screen your chemicals one at a time, or in bulk to quickly get results for even thousands of chemicals.

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Intuitive dashboards that help you make sense of the data

Your results are presented in straightforward, ‘traffic-light’ dashboards that give you the key information you need at a glance and make it easy to spot hazards and compare chemical alternatives. Plus, you can see all your screened chemicals in one place in our CAS RN Library and get a high-level view of hazards across all the chemicals you use with our Summary Dashboard.

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Authoritative data for robust, evidence-driven insights

Chemical Assess screening is powered by an extensive library of chemical hazard information, created and maintained by our expert team using our GHS+ framework. Our library covers more than 300K chemicals, including more than 4,500 CHAs, over 500 regulatory and advisory lists, and more. You can read more about the lists we cover here. You can also add custom lists to keep track of the chemicals that matter to you. 

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Simple data management that saves your team time and effort

Chemical Assess makes it simple to manage your data. Our account-based subscription means that your data is accessible to anyone at your organization who needs it. Groups and advanced filtering options make it easy to organize your collections and information of interest. And our platform will notify you of changes to screened chemicals to ensure you’re fully in the loop.  

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