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We’re excited to have you join the Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry community and look forward to supporting you in your sustainable chemistry initiatives. SciveraLENS®, our cloud-based application built specifically to help with the needs outlined below, is simple, yet powerful, so whether you’re a novice to chemicals management and chemical screening, or a board-certified Toxicologist who is simply looking for efficiencies in their work, this tool is meant to simplify your work and help you make more confident, and safer chemicals decisions.

With access to SciveraLENS, you can:

      • Assess your chemicals more efficiently and confidently
      • Connect with your supply chain to better understand the chemicals being used in your products and processes
      • Innovate safer with information about your chemicals allowing you to be more proactive in your product development work
      • Certify your product for programs like Nike’s Innovation Assessments, EIM Chemical Impact Scoring, or Screened Chemistry Certification
      • Respond to requests for information from your customers using SciveraLENS as your trusted third party to protect your confidential business information

As you use SciveraLENS, we have many articles in this User Guide that can provide you with additional information about the tool – how-to guides, tips for interpreting your assessment results, using SciveraLENS to support your certification program work, and more. We also have included a glossary, legend, and FAQ guide. Don’t forget; you can always reach out to us should you have any questions.

We can’t wait to support you in this critical work!

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