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SciveraLENS® is a simple yet powerful online tool that provides you with access to thousands of Chemical Hazard Assessments completed by our in-house team of board-certified toxicologists in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

With access to SciveraLENS, you can:

      • Better understand the chemicals in your products
      • Automatically check RSLs
      • Access on-demand toxicological information
      • Quickly identify problematic chemicals and find safer alternatives at the click of a button

By having this information more readily available, you can support your certification work, meet your corporate sustainability goals, and help ensure your brand’s reputation with your customers. Our goal is to help you select safer chemicals and create safer products, so we all benefit from a safer future.

Through your annual subscription, you can always keep abreast of updates and changes to regulatory lists, restricted substances lists, and chemical hazard assessments allowing you to stay ahead of regulatory changes and compliance requirements and grow your list of chemicals of interest.

As you get familiar with SciveraLENS, we have many articles in this User Guide that can provide you with additional information about the tool – how to use it, interpret your assessment results, and use SciveraLENS to support your certification program work. We also have included a glossary, legend, and FAQ guide. Don’t forget; you can always reach out to us should you have any questions.

We can’t wait to support you in this critical work!

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