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Ana sofia

Ana Sofia Rolim

Innovation Lead

Ana Sofia Rolim has been with Enhesa since 2020 and she now proudly supports the team as Innovation Lead. By helping companies achieve several environmental goals, including zero emissions, Ana Sofia strives to get companies closer to their sustainability goals.

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Beatriz Garcia Fernandez

Beatriz García Fernández-Viagas

Regional Expert – European Union

Beatriz García Fernández-Viagas has been with Enhesa since 2018. She holds a Spanish Law degree from the University of Seville and a Master’s in EU Law from the Catholic University of Louvain.

Colleen McLoughlin

Colleen McLoughlin

Colleen McLoughlin heads up the Toxicology Department, assisting companies in achieving their sustainable chemistry goals. She is a mentor in the Toxicology Mentoring Skills Development Program, manages a team of highly passionate individuals, and enjoys the opportunity to support their development. 

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Elaine Ye

Senior Expert Services Manager

Elaine Ye has been with Enhesa since 2016, working directly with clients to develop tailored strategies and roadmaps for organizational ESG and EHS programs.


Ellen Zhang

Ellen Zhang has been part of the Enhesa team since 2006 and now practices as a Senior Expert Services Manager, a role where she helps to ensure that corporate EHS and sustainability objectives of key Enhesa clients are brought in line with their regional headquarters and local sites.

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Evelyn Chuang

Evelyn Chuang

Expert Team Lead

Evelyn Chuang has been working with Enhesa since 2017. Leading a team of the most experienced consultants at Enhesa, Evelyn is devoted to enhancing content quality, exploring new services, and promoting EHS and sustainability to the outside world.

Gabriela Troncoso Alarcón

Gabriela Troncoso Alarcon

Global Sustainability Innovation Lead

Gabriela Troncoso Alarcon has been with Enhesa since 2015. As the Global Sustainability Innovation Lead, she helps identify client needs and ensures that they have access to all the content and support materials necessary for them to understand their compliance obligations.


Jillian Stacy

Business Manager for Sustainable Chemistry

Jillian Stacy has been with the Enhesa team since 2014, and now leads Enhesa’s Sustainable Chemistry business unit. Enhesa Sustainable Chemistry focuses on helping companies make safer, more sustainable chemical choices for their products and processes.


Kimberley de Miguel

Kimberley De Miguel is Managing Analyst for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. The crucial part of Kimberley’s role is to extract the most critical aspects of upcoming regulations and utilize her understanding of the industry’s day-to-day challenges to find the best solutions.

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Lauren Payne

EHS Regulatory Consultant – United States and Canada

Lauren Payne has been with Enhesa since 2019. She holds a law degree and graduated as part of the Order of Barristers. She now proudly supports the team as Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant for the US and Canada.

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Marina Dorileo

Content Incubation Manager

Marina Dorileo has a very challenging and dynamic role. As the Content Incubation Manager, she is responsible for managing the expansion of Enhesa’s content offering.

Marion Kerestedjian headshot

Marion Kerestedjian

Subject Matter Expert in Sustainability & ESG

Marion Kerestedjian supports the team as the Subject Matter Expert in Sustainability & ESG. By providing insightful information to companies on the latest EHS and ESG trends and developing accessible and up-to-date legal content, Marion strives to secure their regulatory compliance and best practices.

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Mary Foley headshot

Mary Foley

Expert Services Strategy Director

Mary Foley, currently a Forbes Contributor in their Money > Investing Section, is the Expert Services Strategy Director where she is responsible for delivering EHS, ESG, and sustainability global intelligence to multinational corporate clients.

Melanie Rybar

Melanie Rybar

Regulatory and Compliance Analyst

Melanie Rybar has been a member of the Enhesa since January 2021 and is currently a Regulatory and Compliance Analyst on the DART Team.

Michiel Scholberg

Michiel Scholberg

Alliances Manager

Michiel Scholberg has been with Enhesa since 2021 and currently supports the team as Strategic Alliances Manager, growing and nurturing Enhesa strategic software platforms and service partner relationships.

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Mike Bjork (1)

Mike Bjork

Mike Bjork joined Enhesa in July 2023 as the Sales Director for Sustainable Chemistry. The most important part of Mike’s role is helping clients prioritize their sustainable chemistry initiatives so they can protect humans and the environment.

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Nathaniel Gajasa

Nathaniel Gajasa

Regional Expert – US

Nathaniel Gajasa holds a J.D. with a concentration in Environmental Law from University of Maryland, Carey School of Law. He also has a B.A. in Political Science from Rutgers University – Newark.

Nhat Nguyan

Nhat Nguyen

Chief Analyst

Nhat Nguyen has been with Enhesa since 2018. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a Juris Doctor (JD), and is a licensed US attorney. He now supports the team as the Chief Analyst.

Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez

Nidia Calvo Mendez

Americas Managing Analyst

Nidia assists companies by sharing her expertise on the application, comparison and knowledge of the existing regulations for different countries. By helping companies navigate the chemical regulatory landscape, Nidia enables them to become more efficient businesses, through more informed decision-making.


Octavio Sambiase

ESS Manager

Octavio Sambiase has been part of Enhesa since 2019 and currently serves as ESS Manager, and he uses his expertise to help clients design and implement strategies that ensure compliance with EHS laws.

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Paula Galbiatti Silveira

Paula Galbiatti Silveira

Subject Matter Expert in Products, Sustainability & ESG 

Paula Galbiatti Silveira has been with Enhesa since 2020. By providing the most up-to-date regulations for companies to comply with EHS and product compliance matters and the most forward-looking documents and recommendations in sustainability & ESG, Paula strives to get companies closer to their sustainability goals.

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Rahul Ramesh

Rahul Ramesh

EHS Regulatory Consultant – Australia  

Rahul Ramesh is an Australian lawyer proudly supporting the team as an EHS Regulatory Consultant for Australia. By ensuring that industry is on top of and prepared for all EHS and ESG legal developments, Rahul helps to guarantee high protection standards for all relevant workers, across all industries, in addition to the environment at large.

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Shimshon Roth

Shimshon Roth

Regulatory & Compliance Analyst

Shimshon Roth assists companies in understanding their chemical legislation obligations, and helps them prepare adequately the mandatory legislative requirements in their target market countries.

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Sunita Paudyal

Expert Services Manager 

Sunita Paudyal has been with Enhesa since 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and two Master’s degrees in sustainable development, environmental expertise, and treatment. She now supports the team as the Expert Services Manager.


Taylor Murphy

Taylor Murphy

Expert Services Manager

Taylor joined the Enhesa team in 2019 and is currently working as an Expert Services Manager. She helps companies implement EHS regulatory content into their facilities and problem-solve issues that come up when trying to comply with all the EHS regulations that they have to deal with around the globe.

Yangyang Geng

Yangyang Geng

Regional Expert – China

Yangyang Geng has been with Enhesa since 2020. By providing timely and high-quality EHS compliance intelligence and ad-hoc support to companies, she helps them to catch up with and understand the fast-changing EHS regulatory landscape in China, which is essential for achieving EHS compliance, mitigating operational risks and ensuring business continuity in China.  

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Yujing Pan Picture 450

Yujing Pan

Subject Matter Expert in Product Compliance

Yujing Pan ensures the proper management of product compliance for companies, saves them time, reduces their costs and mitigates their risks.